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Stop Time Measurement

stop time measurementCurrent OSHA regulations and ANSI standards requires that a machine's stop time be measured to determine how long it takes a machine to stop after a stop signal is given.

Most accidents occur as a result of a reflex action or simply not paying attention to one's surroundings. Often a machine operator will instinctively reach for something when there is a problem. Or they will be focused on a task and enter a hazardous area without thinking about it. Tripping towards a hazard is another common occurrence. In these situations, it is necessary that the machine's safety devices stop the machine before the hazard is reached.

Stop-time measurement readings taken on individual machines are used to determine the minimum safety distance required for placement of the machine's operating controls or safeguarding devices used during production. This is critical when using presence sensing devices like light curtains, pressure mats, laser scanners, etc.

Location of a safety component, whether hard guarding or electronic, is based upon the machine's stopping time. Simply stated, a safety component should be placed far enough away from the risk area that it is not possible to reach the hazard before the machine has stopped. Safety devices are then installed using the minimum safe distance. See OSHA Safety Distance Calculator.

Stop time measurement should be performed on an annual basis in order to insure that the machine stop time has not changed. Machine maintenance, brake wear, machine alterations and other factors can extend the machine's stopping time. If the machine stops slower than it once did, then the current safety components will need to be adjusted to continue providing the correct level of safety. For these and other reasons it is important to perform an annual stop time analysis.

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Lovegreen can provide stop-time measurement readings for various types of industrial machines, including mechanical and hydraulic power presses, press brakes and on machines that utilize rotational movement like conveyors, indexing tables, and production line drive shafts. Experienced Lovegreen personnel conduct the inspections using a stop-time measurement device to take the stop-time readings. Lovegreen uses the same stop time analysis Saftimeter as OSHA to assure consistent results.

Inspections include details on each machine as to its compliance to current safety regulations (OSHA) and current safety standards (ANSI). Stop-time measurement readings taken on individual machines are used to help determine the minimum safety distance required for placement of the machine’s operating controls or safeguarding devices used during production operations, such as safety blocks and die blocks.

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