Banner STB Self-Checking Touch Buttons

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Banner STB Self-Checking Touch Buttons
Module connects to STB switches, monitoring the outputs of each button, preventing an output signal if it detects a fault and de-energizing when the operator removes one or both hands.

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Manufactured by Banner Engineering

  • WARNING . . . Not a Stand-Alone Safety Device - STB Series Touch Buttons are self-checking ergonomic actuating devices, but are not, by themselves, safety devices. To be used in a safety application, two STBs must be interfaced with a type IIIC two-hand-control module, such as the Banner AT-FM-10K, in order to meet all relevant safety requirements of the appropriate standards (e.g., ISO13851 / EN574
  • Provides highest level of safety for two-hand control input devices, per independent certification tests
  • Provides redundant microprocessor and optical path
  • Responds to a finger blocking light rather than to pressure
  • Features ergonomic design to prevent repetitive motion stress
  • Includes yellow field cover to prevent unintended switching
  • Immune to ambient light, EMI and RFI
  • Available with e/m relays rated for 1 amp switch capacity or solid-state outputs rated for 150 mA
  • Withstands exposure to a variety of chemicals, depending on model
  • Product data sheet - pdf

Need help selecting the self touch buttons? Email us or call Andy at 800-262-9594.

Model Cable Supply Voltage Price
STBVP6 4-wire 2 m (6.5') integral cable 10 to 30V dc $112.00
STBVP6Q 4-Pin Mini-style QD 10 to 30V dc $112.00
STBVP6Q5 4-Pin Euro-style QD 10 to 30V dc $112.00
STBVR81 5-wire 2 m (6.5') integral cable 20 to 30V ac/dc $112.00
STBVR81Q 5-Pin Mini-style QD 20 to 30V ac/dc $112.00
STBVR81Q6 5-Pin Euro-style QD 20 to 30V ac/dc $112.00