Flexiguard Shields

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Flexiguard Shields
Price From: $32.30
Curved Plastic Shields On Rugged Flexible Goosenecks. Positively deflects chips and coolant. Permits clear & closer visual inspection of work.

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Price From: $32.30


Curved plastic shields on rugged flexible goosenecks. Positively deflects chips and coolants. Permits clear and closer visual inspection of work. Made by Flexbar.

Two models are available, one on a C-Clamp and the other on a magnetic base.  The C-Clamp allows for the clamping of the safety shield on hard-to-affix locations, whether flat, round, etc.

  • Permits clear and closer visual inspection of work.
  • Available in 2 models, C-Clamp and Magnetic Base.
Part Number Shield Size Base Style Price
FB-13001 7-1/2" X 10" C-Clamp $36.10
FB-13002 10" X 12" C-Clamp $39.90
FB-13003 12" X 16" C-Clamp $46.60
FB-13004 7-1/2" X 10" Magnetic $35.20
FB-13005 10" X 12" Magnetic $39.90
FB-13006 12" X 16" Magnetic $43.70
Replacement Shields
Part Number Shield Size Quantity Price
FB-13007 7-1/2" X 10" Carton of 3 $32.30
FB-13008 10" X 12" Carton of 3 $42.80
FB-13009 12" X 16" Carton of 3 $55.10