Rotoscan RS4 Safety Laser Scanner - Leuze

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Rotoscan RS4 Safety Laser Scanner - Leuze
ROTOSCAN RS4 Safety Laser Scanners are a cost-effective and flexible protective device alternative for guarding large area danger zones.

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Safety Laser Scanners - Leuze Rotoscan RS4

Safety Laser Scanners are a cost-effective and flexible protective device alternative for guarding large area danger zones. All configuration data, such as the definition of the zones, the resolution or the response time, is defined with the RS4 soft configuration and diagnostics software.

Compactness, protective/warning field combination and field changeover are the essential features of Safety Laser Scanners for guarding corridor supply vehicles. The protection area, including direction and speed of the vehicle, is adjusted using staggered protective fields and their activation upon set situations/conditions.

The Safety Laser Scanner also offers significant advantages for mobile processing systems. An item can be monitored during movement or in standstill mode. The Laser Scanner assumes a danger zone for guarding the tools integrated in the process.

Three scanner functions are available:
  • Basic - Danger zone guarding on small systems 
  • Extended - Vertical access guarding with reference boundary monitoring 
  • Motion Monitoring - Movement monitoring of side-tracking skates

Point of operation and access guarding are classic application examples of Safety Light Curtains and Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices. If it is necessary to flexibly adjust protective fields to the danger zones, or if there are space, power supply or flexibility restrictions, then Safety Laser Scanners are the better alternative!

Depending on the application, the resolution can be configured so that the device safely detects a person, an arm or a person's hand.

  • Manufactured by Leuze Electronic
  • Persons or objects entering the protection field will be detected and a protective stop signal will be generated
  • Eight protective and warning fields are individually defined using a PC
  • Protection field resolution is from 30 to 150 mm with ranges up to 6.25 m
  • The warning field can be set for up to 15 m with a resolution of 150 mm
  • Scanner has a 0.36 degree lateral resolution and detects any object in a 190 degree working zone
  • The highly flexible protective and warning fields can be set to match the shape of the work area
  • System meets all requirements for Type 3 applications per IEC 61496-1/2
  • Response time is 80 milliseconds (default), adjustable to 640 milliseconds
  • Compact design, simple installation and easy-to-use software provide efficient integration into work zones
  • 5-LED display presents system status and diagnostics of devices
  • Product manual
Part # Operating Range Functions Price
RS4-2E 2.15 m Extended Function $3980.00
RS4-2M 2.15 m Motion Monitoring $4190.00
RS4-4 4.00 m Basic Function $5208.00
RS4-4E 4.00 m Extended Function $5095.00
RS4-4M 4.00 m Motion Monitoring $5653.00
RS4-6E 6.25 m Extended Function $5787.00
RS4-6M 6.25 m Motion Monitoring $6119.00