PRSU/5 Control Unit - 115 VAC

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PRSU/5 Control Unit - 115 VAC

Single zone controller with automatic or manual reset. DIN rail mounting. 115 VAC operation.



Tapeswitch PRSU/4 Interface Controller

PRSU/5 Control Units can be used as safety devices for high-risk automation and machine control applications. They provide the highest level of safety offered by Tapeswitch, exceeding the requirements of category 3 as defined by EN 954-1. They also meet or exceed the safety content of the applicable OSHA, ANSI, and RIA Standards.

The PRSU/5 Controller has redundant safety output relays, is self-monitoring, and is rated Control Reliable, which means that any fault in the safety-critical components will be detected and the machine will be rendered inoperative until the fault is corrected. It is available in a DIN rail-mounted package. PRSU/5 Safety Controller operates from a 115 VAC power supply and feature user-configured manual and automatic reset capability.

  • Meet safety category 3, PLd as defined by EN ISO 13849-1
  • Accommodates 115 VAC operation
  • Enclosure designed for DIN rail mounting


PRSU Control units are designed to be used with Tapeswitch pressure sensitive sensors to form a complete safety system. They are compatible with all Tapeswitch sensing products, including ribbon switch, safety mats, sensing edges, and bumpers.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for high-risk automation and machine control
  • Self-monitoring design detects faults anywhere in the safety system components
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI, & RIA safety standards
  • Automatic or manual reset capability DIN rail mounting

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Technical Specifications

  • Safety Grade Type 3 (EN-954-1)
  • Supply Voltage 115 VAC
  • Power Consumption 5 VA
  • Enclosure Type DIN Rail Mounting
  • Reset Mode Automatic or manual (user selected)
  • Output Relays Force guided safety relays, 3 x N/O
  • Monitor Output 1 x N/C
  • Response Time <30 ms