Lathe Lead Screw Covers - Prismont

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Lathe Lead Screw Covers - Prismont
Price From: $950.00
Guarding the lead screw on a lathe is often difficult. Working just like a window blind, the heavy weight neoprene / nylon material pulls out of its spring loaded roller box as the lathe saddle moves, and recoils as the saddle returns.


Roll-up safety guard for Lathe Lead Screws. Protects the operator from direct contact with moving parts and reduces the possibility of lead entanglement.

Made from two units of self-roll up rolls, with tear and oil-resistant thread. Designed for protecting the operator from the machine advancing bars.

Lathe Lead Screw and Feed Screw Safety Cover

  • Heavy industrial-duty lead and feed screw cover for lathes
  • Safety device covers feed and lead screws to prevent entanglements
  • Protects screws from chip deposits, extending life of machinery
  • Made from high strength, heat-resistant material
  • Open Style roll and spring mechanism -  perfect when an enclosure is not needed or may get in the way


  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Red hot and blue chips will not damage cover
  • Available in many sizes to fit any lathe

Sizing information

Each lathe lead screw model below comes in a set of two covers to be installed on the left and right side of the carriage. To figure out what size you need take the length of the bed and take the closest measurement in the column A above.

Example: You measure an 57" bed on your lathe. The closest measurement in column A is 60" (model MST-PAT 01/150).

Note that the width of the carriage should be taken into account and allow for some length leeway. Care must be taken to choose a model that is not undersized or the lead screw guard mechanism will be damaged if the carriage is moved to the far left or right.

 Lathe Lead Screw Covers - Prismont


Part ID  Part Number  Length 'A'  Height 'B'  Price 
1  MST-PAT 01/120 48" 6" $950.00
 MST-PAT 01/150 60" 8" $1050.00 
 MST-PAT 01/200 80" 8" $1350.00 
 MST-PAT 01/300 120" 10" $1775.00 
 MST-PAT 01/400 160" 12" $3350.00 
 MST-PAT 01/500 196" 14" $4150.00 
 MST-PAT 01/700 275" 19" $5925.00