Hydraulic Press Ejection Curtain

Hydraulic Press Ejection Curtain
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Regular Price: $675.00

Special Price $472.50

Hydraulic Press Safety perfected. Perfect for H-Frame presses where easy access is desired, and safety can't be compromised. The mesh will stop dangerous, flying debris and safely drop it to the floor.

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Price From:

Regular Price: $675.00

Special Price $472.50



Destructive testing on mesh

These press ejection curtains are fabricated from steel mesh, originally intended to protect people in the vicinity of a bomb blast. Perfect for hydraulic press guarding where easy access is desired, and safety can't be compromised.

These curtains are tough! Click on the image to the left to see just how tough they are.

"Yesterday two people working for us were using our 50 Ton press when the object they were pressing broke and was ejected at speed from the press. Fortunately one of your screens was in place saving them from injury. Just thought I'd let you know your product was a very valuable safety precaution for us and it worked as advertised and saved our people from harm." L.G. 

An object that ejects from a hydraulic press can become a deadly projectile and cause serious injury if it hits the machine operator or another bystander. When properly installed, the safety mesh will stop dangerous, flying debris and allow it to fall safely to the ground.

Installing a steel mesh curtain allow easy access to machines while providing a lower cost method of meeting hydraulic press guarding standards. Because the mesh is black, the press operator's eyes can easily focus on the point of operation. The curtains are lightweight, easy to install, maintenance free and allow natural light visibility.

Learn more about the steel mesh - Product Specs

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This is a Special Order Item

It is fabricated at the time of your order. Production leadtime is 1-3 business days

To order online, select the press dimensions in the drop down boxes above.

A = Press Width - at top of press

B = Press Height - from press top to the floor



  • Each Steel Mesh Ejection Curtain guards only one side of the press
  • Two (2) curtains will need to be ordered if access to the rear of the press is not controlled by a chain, fence or a wall
  • The mesh is painted black to allow the operator's eyes to focus more easily on the point of operation. Custom built to your specifications.
  • Exceeded the ISC/GSA Performance Condition 3b criteria for acceptable levels of protection from glass fragment hazards during an explosion. (GSA-TS01-2003)
  • Met the tougher Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 4-010-01 standard.
  • Passed up to the following test conditions: Average peak pressure 6.2 psi, Average Maximum Impulse 41 psi-ms, Duration 16ms
  • Special Order Item - Price includes: steel mesh curtain, curtain hooks and installation bar
  • Custom sizes available - Standard sizes listed below.
Press Height - 58" to 69"
(actual curtain height with hooks - 57")
Part Number Bed Width Price
LRM114-528 24" - 28" $675.00
LRM114-532 29" - 32" $700.00
LRM114-536 33" - 36" $725.00
LRM114-540 37" - 40" $750.00
LRM114-544 41" - 44" $775.00
LRM114-548 45" - 48" $800.00
LRM114-552 49" - 52" $825.00
LRM114-556 53" - 56" $850.00
LRM114-560 57" - 60" $875.00
LRM114-564 61" - 64" $900.00

Press Height - 64" to 75"
(actual curtain height with hooks - 63")
Part Number Bed Width Price
LRM114-628 24" - 28" $725.00
LRM114-632 29" - 32" $750.00
LRM114-636 33" - 36" $775.00
LRM114-640 37" - 40" $800.00
LRM114-644 41" - 44" $825.00
LRM114-648 45" - 48" $850.00
LRM114-652 49" - 52" $875.00
LRM114-656 53" - 56" $900.00
LRM114-660 57" - 60" $925.00
LRM114-664 61" - 64" $950.00

Press Height - 76" to 87"

(actual curtain height with hooks - 75")
Part Number Bed Width Price
LRM114-728 24" - 28" $825.00
LRM114-732 29" - 32" $850.00
LRM114-736 33" - 36" $875.00
LRM114-740 37" - 40" $900.00
LRM114-744 41" - 44" $925.00
LRM114-748 45" - 48" $950.00
LRM114-752 49" - 52" $975.00
LRM114-756 53" - 56" $1000.00
LRM114-760 57" - 60" $1025.00
LRM114-764 61" - 64" $1050.00


From the mesh manufacturer: Unlike other national and regional standards systems, the United States does not have an approved entity that can certify fully integrated and installed guard systems for safety compliance. The responsibility of ensuring compliance falls to the employer,installer and/or OEM. We are confident in our product, but as all applications are different it is imperative that you test our products for your particular installation. It is recommended that this application-specific analysis include testing to determine suitability from a technical as well as health, safety, and environmental standpoint.


Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Best hydraulic press ejection curtain that I've found
High quality product that's easy to install and maintain and it meets Minnesota OSHA requirements.
Review by MNTWINS / (Posted on 6/29/2017)
A great solution to hydraulic press safety. Great customer service.
A great solution to hydraulic press safety. Great customer service.
Review by erip / (Posted on 6/27/2017)