Grinding Machine Safety Shield

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Grinding Machine Safety Shield
Price From: $1,472.00
Equipped with two sliding doors on telescopic total-opening ball guides.

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Price From: $1,472.00


grinding machine safety shield

Protects the operator from direct contact with rotating parts of the grindstone and from the projection of lubricant-coolant.

Attachable to the base of the machine with two horizontally, multi-adjustable supports, that allow the guard to be anchored to the bottom side or to the front of the machine - the supports are also easily shortened if necessary.

Equipped with two "total opening" sliding doors on ball guides, made of thick plastic material.

Complete with double safety micro-switch.





  1. Angular anchorage stirrups - in pressed steel
  2. Multi-adjustable support structure, with two different attachment systems
  3. Safety micro-switch with separated actuator - n.2 NC contacts
  4. Perimeter structure - in aluminium profile
  5. Sliding ball guides, with an excursion equal to their length
  6. Shields in shockproof and oil-resistant thick plastic material
  7. Inner inclined structure for lubricant liquid collection - in aluminium sheet
Part Number A Dimension B Dimension Weight Price
PRE-10 / 550 1000 mm  (39") 510 mm  (20") 33 lbs $1472.00
PRE-10 / 655  1200 mm  (47")  560 mm  (22")  39 lbs  $1636.00 
PRE-10 / 860   1600 mm  (63")  660 mm  (26")  48 lbs  $1948.00 

(** Measurements in inches are approximate)