GM-FA-10J Safety Module

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GM-FA-10J Safety Module
Non-safety monitoring of the Safety Controller I/O via Ethernet network communications, including Modbus/TCP, Ethernet I/P and PCCC.


  • Monitors magnetic and mechanical safety switches for contact failure or wiring fault
  • Offers 24V ac/dc supply voltage with 2 normally open (NO) immediate safety outputs
  • Features 6 amp rating of safety outputs
  • Offers removable terminal blocks
  • Resets automatically or manually
  • Responds in 35 milliseconds
  • Meets US and international standards
  • Rated IEC IP40; NEMA 1


Part Number Description Contacts Price
GM-FA-10J Gate Monitoring Module 24V ac/dc, 1 or 2 inputs $272.00
GM-FA-10J Gate Monitoring Safety Module Literature download
Supply Voltage and Current 24V ac/dc ±20% Power Consumption:approx. 3 VA / 3 W
Supply Protection Circuitry Protected against transient voltages and reverse polarity
Output Configuration

Each normally-open output channel is a series connection of contacts from two forced-guided (mechanically linked) relays, K1-K2. Contacts:AgNi, 5 µm gold plated
Low current rating:
Caution:The 5 µm gold-plated contacts allow the switching of low current/low voltage. To preserve the gold plating on the contacts, do not exceed the following max. values at any time.
Min. voltage:1V ac/dc Max. voltage:60V Min. current:5 mA ac/dc Max. current:300 mA Min. power:5 mW (5 mVA) Max. power:7 W (7 VA) High current rating:If higher loads must be switched through one or more of the contacts, the minimum and maximum values of the contact(s) changes to the following.
Min. voltage:15V ac/dc Max. voltage:250V ac/dc Min. current:30 mA ac/dc Max. current:6 A Min power:5 W (5 VA) Max. power:200 W (1,500 VA) Mechanical life:50,000,000 operations
Electrical life:150,000 cycles typical, @ 200 W (1,500 VA) switched power, resistive load
Note:Transient suppression is recommended when switching inductive loads. Install suppressors across load. Never install suppressors across output contacts. 

Output Response Time 35 milliseconds
Input Requirements Input switch must have a normally-closed contact and a normally-open contact capable of switching 5 to 50 mA @ 15 to 30 V dc.
Reset switch must have one normally-open contact capable of switching 5 to 50 mA @ 15 to 30V dc.
Max. external resistance between terminals S11/S12, S11/S13, S21/S22 and S21/S23: 270 ohms each.
Simultaneity Monitoring 2-channel operation:3 seconds
1-channel operation:infinite
Status Indicators

4 Green LED indicators:
Power:power is supplied to safety module
Channel 1:inputs satisfied (guard closed)
Channel 2:inputs satisfied (guard closed) Output:K1 and K2 energized, safety outputs closed
1 Red LED indicator:fault

Environmental Rating Rated IEC IP40; NEMA 1, Terminals IP20
Mounting Mounts to standard 35 mm DIN-rail track. Safety module must be installed inside an enclosure rated NEMA 3 (IEC IP54), or better.
Vibration Resistance 10 to 55 Hz @ 0.35 mm displacement per IEC 68-2-6
Operating Conditions Temperature:0° to +50° C
Relative humidity:90% @ +50° C (non-condensing)
Safety Category 4 per ISO 13849-1 (EN 954-1) (depending on application)