30 mm Panel Mount Emergency Stop Switch

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30 mm Panel Mount Emergency Stop Switch
Price From: $40.00

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Price From: $40.00


SSA-EB Series Emergency Stop Push Buttons - 30 mm Panel Mount Electro-Mechanical Push Buttons

  • Four styles of actuators: standard, illuminated, lockable, and illuminated lockable
  • Push-to-stop, twist-to-release (standard and lockable), or pull-to-release (standard) operation per IEC60947-5-5
  • Latching design complies with ISO 13850; direct (positive) opening operation per IEC 60947-5-1
  • Compliant with ANSI B11.19, ANSI NFPA79, and IEC/EN 60204-1 Emergency Stop requirements
  • “Safe Break Action” ensures N.C. contacts will open if the contact block is separated from the actuator
  • Panel mount though 30 mm mounting hole
  • "Emergency Stop" legend optional

Models SSA-EB… series are "mushroom-style" electro-mechanical emergency stop push buttons. These buttons mount through a 30 mm hole in an enclosure. When the button is armed, the switch's safety contacts (N.C.) are closed and its monitoring contacts (N.O.), if present, are open. When the button is pushed, the switch's safety contacts open and the monitoring contacts close. The contacts remain in this condition until they are manual rearmed. The standard 40 mm and 60 mm actuators can be rearmed by pulling or twisting clockwise the red actuator. The lockable 44 mm actuator can be rearmed only by twisting the actuator clockwise. Do not pull the actuator while twisting or the switch may be damaged, causing a malfunction or operational failure. The illuminated models provide a RED indication within the face of the button that allows for easy identification of a pushed/actuated button.

SSA-EB1M… series padlock-style lockable emergency stop push buttons are intended to prevent unauthorized or accidental resetting of a pushed/latched button. The SSA-EB1M… series are not to be used as an energy isolating device or as the sole means of complying with Lockout/Tagout or with the requirements of the isolation of hazardous energy (see OSHA 29CFR1910.147, ANSI Z244.1, CSA Z460, ISO 14118). The locking feature can be used to provide supervisory/personal control and provide an additional safety measure(s) to reduce the likelihood of inadvertent arming and energization of the emergency stop circuit.

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Standard E-Stop        
Item Number Model Number Contactors Illuminated Locking Price
1 SSA-EB1P-02 2NC NO NO $40.00 
2 SSA-EB1P-04 4NC  NO NO $52.00 
3 SSA-EB1P-11 1NC / 1NO  NO NO $40.00 
4 SSA-EB1P-13 3NC / 1NO NO NO $52.00 
5 SSA-EB1P-22 2NC / 2NO  NO NO $52.00 
Standard E-Stop - Lockable        
Item Number Model Number Contactors Illuminated Locking Price
6 SSA-EB1MP-02 2NC NO  YES $85.00 
SSA-EB1MP-04 4NC   NO  YES $97.00 
SSA-EB1MP-11 1NC / 1NO   NO  YES $85.00 
SSA-EB1MP-13 3NC / 1NO   NO  YES $97.00 
10  SSA-EB1MP-22 2NC / 2NO   NO  YES $97.00 
Illuminated E-Stop        
Item Number Model Number Contactors Illuminated Locking Price
11  SSA-EB1PL1-02 2NC  YES  NO $52.00
12   SSA-EB1PL1-04 4NC   YES  NO $64.00 
13   SSA-EB1PL1-11  1NC / 1NO    YES  NO $52.00 
14   SSA-EB1PL1-13  3NC / 1NO    YES  NO $64.00 
15   SSA-EB1PL1-22 2NC / 2NO   YES  NO $64.00 
Illuminated E-Stop - Lockable        
Item Number Model Number Contactors Illuminated Locking Price
16 SSA-EB1ML1P-02 2NC  YES  YES $97.00
17   SSA-EB1ML1P-04 4NC   YES  YES $109.00 
18   SSA-EB1ML1P-11 1NC / 1NO   YES  YES $97.00 
19   SSA-EB1ML1P-13 3NC / 1NO   YES  YES $109.00 
20   SSA-EB1ML1P-22 2NC / 2NO    YES  YES $109.00 

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