110V / 6A Switch

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110V / 6A Switch

  • 110 Volt, 6 Amp, 1/2 HP Rated

  • Start / Stop / E-Stop

  • Power outage protection

  • Homeowner grade - Not for industrial applications.



Not recommended for industrial settings.

This surface mounted Magnetic Switch features a large e-stop button that stays off until the button is manually reset.

Homeowner / hobby grade magnetic switches protect against thermal overload and automatically shut down if power is lost.

Motor Magnetics are used on electrical machinery to prevents tools from restarting after a power loss occurs and power is subsequently restored.

Not sure if your machine has magnetic contactors? Start the machine, unplug it while running. If the machine restarts when plugged back in, it does not have magnetic contactors.

  • Rated for 110 volts and 1/2 HP motors drawing up to 6 amps
  • The switch case has plenty of wire knock outs and screw mounting holes for easy installation