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Uni-Rail – Sliding Lathe Guard

uni-315x310Safeguarding a large capacity lathe poses special challenges. The work holding chuck and the point of operation must have shields to control swarf, coolant, and inadvertent operator contact.

The Uni-Rail has an innovative mounting and suspension system that is both user friendly and effective. Each Uni-Rail shield is supported by a robust, floor anchored rail above and behind the lathe center line.

Two or more Uni-Rail shields may be mounted above a lathe to provide protection while still allowing easy setup. Work piece installation and removal is unrestricted because the Uni-Rail shields can be rolled out of the way. Each Uni-Rail is custom designed and fabricated for your specific lathe. This design can be sized to fit lathes from 20 to 60 inch swing. An optional interlock for the chuck shield is also available.

To see if the Uni-Rail is right for you, download the UniRail Measurement Tool.  Email the completed form and pictures to us for a no-obligation, price quote.

New Lathe Guard for Old Lathes

lathe guard drawing      lathe guard covering chuck      Uni-Rail lathe guard          


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