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School Safeguarding Services

School Safeguarding Services

Lovegreen School Safeguarding Services has been helping schools identify and solve building and machine safety issues throughout Minnesota, and the upper Midwest, for over a decade. Our ability to design custom guarding solutions has allowed us to build our reputation not only for quality service, but also for making industrial education shops a safe place to learn. We can help your school district comply with current school safeguarding safety standards on all your catwalks, stairs, platforms, and railings.

School Safeguarding Services include:

Shop Safety Surveys

Our safety consultant will tour your wood, metal and maintenance shops and evaluate your equipment. A detailed report will be provided that lists deficiencies and includes recommended actions to ensure OSHA compliance. 

Machine Guarding

Lovegreen offers many safety products to keep your students safe in the wood shop or metal shop. Products includes chip shields, drill press guards and emergency stop buttons. There are also motor controls that have power outage protection to prevent machine restart after a power loss. We can provide complete turnkey service, work with your maintenance department, or just provide the safety products.

New Shop Equipment

For more than 10 years, Lovegreen Safety has been a trusted source for schools purchasing new metal and woodworking machinery. Our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the best machines to fit your budget and and classroom needs. As Delta, Jet, Powermatic and Wilton machinery dealers, we can provide delivery, installation and OSHA compliant guarding.

Boiler Platforms & Ladders

Open-sided floors or platforms that are higher than four feet are required to have a railing system around it. We can design and install compliant ladders, railings and platform systems to make boiler maintenance safer.

Stairs, Ramps & Railings

Falls due to poorly constructed and maintained stairs and railings are a hazard in many schools. These quality stairs, ramps and railings are engineered to your school’s specific needs. Designed for safety and convenience, these products meet OSHA standards.p>

Air Handler Equipment

OSHA and ANSI standards require that all belts, pulleys, gears, shafts and other moving parts below seven feet from the walking surface shall be guarded. We can fabricate custom guarding in a variety of shapes and sizes using a variety of materials to meet this requirement.

Theater Catwalk Inspection

Our safety consultants will tour your theater and inspect the catwalks, railings, lighting and fall protection devices, according to current safety standards. Theater inspection is a free service to school districts in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

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