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Machine Safeguarding Assessment

Safeguarding Assessment

Are there machines in your facility that violate current safety standards? Have you recently assessed your machines to determine if they are compliant and safe to operate?

As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide your employees with a safe workplace. Properly safeguarding your machines is an important part of this OSHA requirement.

Improperly safeguarded machines lead to millions of dollars in fines levied against businesses, year after year. In fact, machine guarding violations continue to be in the top 10 of OSHA’s most frequently cited standards. Injuries from machines also cost businesses millions of dollars due to medical expenses, increased insurance premiums, and other hidden costs.

With hundreds of regulations and standards to follow, properly assessing machinery and the hazards they present is a unique skillset that takes years of experience to master. Let us help you take the guess-work out of assessing the machines in your facility.

What is the Machine Safeguarding Assessment Process?

We will ask that you provide a list of the machines that you would like included in the machine safeguarding assessment report. We will then go over specific questions regarding your project initiatives, and questions relating to your site.

Once onsite we will evaluate the machines and equipment that were specified in the machine list you provided. Each piece of equipment will be documented by pictures and/or video, and by make, model and other identifiers. We will then assess each machine to determine its compliance with the applicable OSHA regulations, industry standards (ANSI, etc.), company specific guarding standards, and recognized hazards.

We will then deliver your personalized machine safeguarding assessment report. This comprehensive report will document each machine with pictures, text, and observations made. Machine safety or compliance issues that are noted will reference the relevant safety standards. Each machine will also have a risk ranking assigned to it determined by the frequency of use, probability of injury, and severity of harm. This ranking will help you determine your current level of safety and help you prioritize your remediation project planning. Additionally, each  machine safeguarding assessment report will have a regulatory reference section and relevant machine safety information.

All dialog, observations, notes, and media acquired will be kept in the strictest of confidence.

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