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Machine Safeguarding Services

Machine Safeguarding Services

Right this moment, there could be machines in your facility that violate current safety standards. If you had a surprise inspection tomorrow, would you know which of your machines were compliant and safe to operate?

It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure each employee has a safe workplace. Not only because it’s the law, but because it’s the right thing to do. Lovegreen Machine Safety provides a variety of safety consulting services. Why?

  • To help you avoid fines levied against your business.
  • To help prevent injuries from unsafe machines.
  • To ensure your business won’t be hit with medical expenses, increased insurance premiums and other hidden costs.
  • To keep you in compliance with all current regulations and standards.

Machine Safeguarding Services include:

Machine Safeguarding Assessments

Onsite evaluations of specified machines and equipment including photographs, compliance assessments and a detailed, personalized Safety Assessment Formal Evaluation (SAFE) Report to help you determine your current level of safety and prioritize your remediation project planning. All assessments are confidential.  More Info…

School Safeguarding Services

Lovegreen Machine Safety has been helping schools identify and solve building and machine safety issues throughout Minnesota, and the upper Midwest, for over a decade. Our ability to design custom guarding solutions has allowed us to build our reputation not only for quality service, but also for making industrial education shops a safe place to learn. We can help your school district comply with current safety standards on all your catwalks, stairs, platforms, and railings. More Info…

Machine Safety Training

Lovegreen Machine Safety  offers safety training programs, classes, and resources to help you understand and comply with machine guarding regulations and standards (OSHA, ANSI, NFPA, etc.). Our trainers can provide hands-on learning as part of the training if you have machines available and want to allocate the additional time.  Classes can be performed at your facility or at ours. We can also tailor specific training programs to meet your desired goals.  More Info…

Lockout Tag Out Assessment

LOTO will include an assessment of each machine with at least one energy source to identify all external energy and residual energy and magnitudes, the energy isolation points and methods to dissipation residual energy. During the machine assessments our consultants will also perform an operational verification of hazardous energy isolation.  Photographs of the equipment and energy isolation points will be included in the LOTO procedures.  More Info…

Machine Stop Time Measurement

Stop time measurement readings are taken on individual machines to determine the minimum safety distance required to avoid injury. Measurements should be performed annually to ensure OSHA regulations and ANSI standards are met and that a machine stop time has not changed. If the machine stops more slowly than is safe, current safety components are adjusted. Lovegreen uses the same stop time analysis Saftimeter as OSHA to affirm consistent results.  More Info…

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