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Assessments are the
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Fall Hazard Assessments

As an employer or facility owner, it is your responsibility to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards to personnel working in your facility.  Ensuring that fall hazards are abated and that elevated walking/working surfaces are compliant with current safety standards is an essential part of your safety program.

Lovegreen has a professional safety staff who are competent to assess potential fall hazards at your facility.  These assessments are based on the most current OSHA regulations and industry consensus standards such as ANSI Z359: Fall Protection Code, to ensure that all aspects of potential fall hazards that personnel may be exposed to are identified, assessed and documented.

Are personnel at your facilities exposed to potential fall hazards such as:

  • Unprotected leading roof edges
  • Improper guard railing systems
  • Unprotected floor holes/openings
  • Non-complaint access points
  • Non-compliant fixed ladders
  • Non-compliant fixed industrial stairs
  • Non-compliant elevated walking/working surfaces
  • Aging/failing catwalk systems
  • Unprotected elevated loading docks
  • Working unprotected at heights greater than 4 feet above the lower walking/working surface

Based on the assessment findings, our safety professionals will design custom solutions to protect your personnel from the identified fall hazards in your facility. We can provide a variety of prefabricated and custom fabricated solutions to fit the needs of your personnel, contractors and the facility.

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