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Fall Protection Services

Unprotected fall hazards in the workplace are one of the leading factors in workplace incidents and injuries. Incidents involving fall events are often times catastrophic and result in costly work compensation claims significant time away from work for the employee. Additionally, the organization often face the potential for costly litigation expenses and citations from OSHA. Last year fall protection standard violations were the #1 cited standard by Federal OSHA inspectors.

Lovegreen Machine Safety offers a variety of services to our clients to assist them with identifying potential fall hazards and options for remediating the hazardous situations that their employees and contractors face.

With over 60 years of experience in engineering and metal fabrication, our safety consultants can assist you with fall hazard assessments, remediation design and engineering for fall prevention solutions, as well as fabrication and installation of the desired solutions in both a cost effective and time conscious manner.

Fall Hazard Assessments and Remediation Design

Our safety professionals will visit your site and conduct assessments for fall hazards in areas of concerns based on current OSHA Fall Protection Regulations and ANSI standards. Our assessment services include:

  • Fall Hazard Assessments
  • Fall Protective Structure Design
  • Fall Protective Structure Installation
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Fall Protection Design and Installation

Based on the assessment findings, our safety professionals will design custom solutions to protect your personnel from the fall hazards. We can provide a variety of prefab and custom fabricated solutions to fit the needs of your personnel and the facility. Our design and installation services include:

  • Portable Fall Protection Railing Systems
  • Skylight Protective Covers
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Barrier Railing Systems
  • Fixed Ladder Systems
  • Fixed Industrial Stairs
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Fall Protection Equipment Available at our Online Store

Lovegreen has OSHA compliant and tested solutions to meet your Fall Protection requirements. Easy to install products include:

  • Permanent Safety Raining Systems
  • Safety Gate Systems
  • Skylight Safeguards
  • Roof Hatch Safety Systems
  • Portable Safety Railing Systems
  • Portable fall Restraint / Fall Arrest Systems
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